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Create Online Presence & Grow your Business

Be Online

Domain Registration, Website Development, App Creation, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Solution, Fax Thru Email, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing.
Powerful Hosting made easy

Be Cloud

Shared Servers, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Web Servers, Hosted Exchange Email, Online Storage, File Storage, Backup & Cloud Computing.
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Protect your Business from Cyber Threats

Be Secure

Web Security, Device Security, Cyber Security, SIEM Solution, SSL Certificate, Backup Solution, Firewall, Data Encryption & Protection, Spam Privacy & Protection, Code Signing Certificates.
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Stay Connected Anywhere EveryWhere

Be Connect

Procurement of Hardware (Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, Server, Mobile), Software & Network Devices, Mobility Solutions, Internet Connectivity, Cloud Telecommunications, PABX & VOIP.
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Search Your Domain Name

Domains only from $9.99/per year

Our Services

We provide Digital Platform to suit your business requirements and provide ‘As a Service (aaS)’ Business Model for each of the below solutions.


Web Designing

Our Website Builder Tool enables you to build a professional website which can be customised for your business, it provides features that gives you everything you need to be online to grow your business without missing a customer.


Powerful Hosting has been made easy with our cloud service offerings with our user-friendly control panels featuring cPanel®. We guarantee our Hosting puts you in charge with One-click set-up, Unlimited storage and bandwidth and Scalability to fit your needs.

Domain Registration

Like a street address that tells people where you live, a domain helps customers drive directly to your business website. We can help you find one you’ll love.


Our Security Shield protects your business operations, keeping your network and database safe from hackers and other online threats with an effective SIEM solution.

Be Connect

Our Be Connect service offerings will keep your business connected to the world.


You can buy ICT equipment like hardware, software, network devices, licenses and premise security solutions.


We provide 24/7 monitoring on all hosted platforms.


We have ITIL certified professionals who provide consultation to our customers to make their businesses effective and agile in today's world.

Technical Assistance

Our highly trained, courteous support staff is waiting to take your call. Whatever time it takes to assist you, that's the time you'll receive. We'll resolve any issue to your complete satisfaction.

Our Hosting Solution

Take charge with industry-standard cPanel or Parallels® Plesk control panels, free 24/7 phone or online support & 99.9% uptime* & money-back guarantees*. With our award-winning data center, you’ll know your site is always up & running.

Shared Hosting

Fast, secure, reliable hosting that grows with your business.
From $8.31/per month
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Virtual Private Server Hosting

Resources ready in minutes, flexible plans designed to grow, and your choice of Management Levels, all on your VPS.
From $35.59/per month
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Dedicated Hosting

Resources ready in minutes, flexible plans designed to grow, and your choice of Management Levels, all on your single-tenant VM.
From $154.28/per month
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Why Choose Us

We are serious about Digitalising Your Business.


Flexible Solutions to cater towards your Business Needs

We understand every business operates differently and has its own unique operating models we help you to be more efficient and agile in your day to day operations.

Advanced Technology

We have partnered with world's leading technology companies that produce innovative results in digital industry. Our collaborative approach with our partners and customers helps us to make right decision for your business.

Strategic Digital Transformation Approach

We ensure our Strategic planning support long term solutions for our customers, we believe in innovating technologies for our customers.

We are right choice for Business Partnership.

We are firm believer your business success is our success and will eat more business to us, we will take full responsibility of your ICT services and ensure delivering right outcomes everytime.

Be Digital Guarantee

Next generation digital solutions & experience for customers.


24/7/365 Support

Not sure what you need? You're not alone. That's why we have smart, friendly technicians waiting by the phone, ready to help.

Cost Savings Guarantee

We are positive that you will be 100% satisfied with our products and services, and therefore we offer cost savings guarantee on most of our services.

99.9% Uptime

Most of our resources are ready in minutes, flexible plans designed to grow your business, and tailor made solutions with your choice of Management Levels with 99.9% availability.


Here are frequent questions from our customers.

Why should I register more than one domain name?

When you register multiple domain names, you can Keep your competition from registering a similar domain name drawing customers to them instead of you, Promote the different products and services you offer, Drive more traffic to your website, Enjoy more opportunities to market to — and be listed in — search engines, Create distinct advertising strategies reaching different target markets, Provide customers more ways to find you when searching the Internet, Capture common misspellings of your domain name, instead of sending visitors to an error page, Protect your brand and online identity.

What does it mean to get hacked?

“Hacked” is a term you hear thrown around a lot — especially regarding websites — without much definition.

If your website is hacked, it means a few things:

Someone gained access to your account (typically via File Transfer Protocol, a.k.a. FTP). By gaining FTP access, hackers can insert their own code on your site.

After gaining access to your site, they put malicious code in it. What the code does depends on the hacker’s objectives.

Because hacking can be extra insidious, sometimes your site can get hacked without you ever realizing it. Other times, hackers will be incredibly ham-fisted and either bring down your site or replace it with an obscene message.

Among the other unpleasant things hackers do to sites:

– Install viruses on visitor’s computers
– Redirect visitors to other sites.
– Use your website to attack other websites, bringing them down

Now, unfortunately, there’s no LoJack® for a hijacked website, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t fall victim to a hacker:

Use a secure password. This means something better than just tacking a numeral 1 to the end of your first dog’s name.

Have your site scanned regularly. A lot of companies offer tools that will go through your site looking for malicious/suspicious-looking code or activity.

Update your website’s software. If you use something like WordPress®, keeping your software up-to-date is the difference between your site running smoothly and having a site infested with malware

By being aware of the threat of hackers and taking a few precautions, you can stop your site from harming visitors and other sites around the Internet.

Which features does my Self Managed/Managed/Fully Managed server offer?

Our servers (both VPS and dedicated) come in three flavors, depending on the support and features you need:

Self Managed Servers are for the pros among us who want as much control as possible. These are great if you’re comfortable with shell prompts and are a seasoned administrator.

Managed Servers were created with most customers in mind. They offer the power of a server, as well as the ease of managing your server through a control panel. However, it’s still significantly more complicated than something like a WYSIWYG program like Website Builder.

Fully Managed Servers give Be Digital Limited the responsibility of managing and maintaining your server. You’re still responsible for the sites you want to host on the server, but we take care of pretty much everything else.

Feature Definitions

Get hip to our lingo…(that’s what the kids say these days, right?)


When security vulnerabilities are patched, it’s important to get them on your server as soon as possible. Using automatic patching, your server leverages the patching tools available through its operating system or control panel to update potentially problematic elements quickly.

Root Access

To install software on your server through the command line or other administrator-level tasks, you’ll probably need root access. Unless you’re familiar with controlling your server via command line, we don’t recommend using it though; it’s much easier to break your server using the power root access gives you than it is to use the same privileges to fix it.

Enable admin/root access (Managed or Fully Managed)

Control Panels

Managing your server can much more straightforward with a control panel, which creates a user interface to complete administrator-level tasks like creating FTP users and adding websites to your server. Without a control panel, you can only manage your server via command line.

Backups: On-Demand

You’ve seen those warnings where we say, “We recommend backing up your server before making these changes.” This is that backup. Create one backup and restore your server to it if things don’t work out like you anticipated.

Back up your server

Backups: Disaster Recovery

If your server suffers severe breakage, we often have a backup of your server. These restores are available.

We do not guarantee that we will have a Disaster Recovery backup of your server. We make a best effort to keep these available, but you cannot rely on this backup’s availability.

SSH Access

Pros who use servers often find that rather than dealing with a GUI, it’s quicker and easier for them to just issue commands to the server themselves; SSH is the means by which they can do that.

Connect to your server or shared hosting account with SSH

Application Manager

Installing applications like WordPress or Drupal grows increasingly tedious the more often you do it. With an application manager, you’ll have a vast library of apps from which to choose, as well as the tools for features like automatic updates and relocating the application on your server.

Migrations from Shared Hosting

Upgrading from shared hosting to a server has a lot of benefits, but if you were apprehensive about moving your site, our migration tool makes it really easy. With nothing more than a few clicks, we sweep your old shared hosting account up into your server and set everything up for you.

Right now, this feature is available only for cPanel/Linux accounts, but we will add the features for Plesk soon.

Import cPanel sites


There are two primary elements we monitor:

  • Our network, to ensure it stays healthy and happy, successfully routing your server’s visitors to it.
  • Your server’s container, which uses NodePing and other technologies to make sure your server’s successfully responding to requests.

Each of our server support tiers offers a different monitoring system:

Self Managed/Good only includes network monitoring to make sure you’re not getting DDoSed.

Managed/Better includes network and container monitoring so you’ll know if your server ever went down.

Fully Managed/Best includes network and container monitoring, as well as a team of server professionals that will address any issues your monitoring reports.

Website Security

To keep as much of your server protected as possible, protecting its most visible elements – its websites – is a must. To make this as efficient, powerful, and simple as possible, we’ve teamed up with SiteLock to provide website security services.

Seamless Upgrades

If you find that you need a more powerful server, we offer in-place upgrades that require no work on your end.

How do I upgrade options on my server?

Support: Chat

You’re stuck and want a quick answer. One of our server pros can then help you out through our built-in chat feature.

Support: Dedicated Team

Our Fully Managed Servers include the kind of white-glove service you expect, including dedicated teams of server admins you can reach out to if you need anything done on your server.

What is IT Procurement?

This service manages the purchasing of all ICT equipment and software.
Services include:
– Hardware and software purchasing.
– Purchasing of all desktop PCs, Mac’s, printers and network equipment.
– Software license management.
– Lease management.

Set up Your Account

You will need to contact Be Digital Support team via email on or call them on 0800233444 requesting to setup your service account, after which you will be emailed on your secure email account the credentials for your products.


What our customers say about us.

The Solution Be Digital provided has taken our business to next level we thought transforming to digital technology can be disruptive but Be Digital made this process seamless.

NZ-FIJI Trade Limited, Director

Be Digital provided us tailor-made solution to help us succeed in the market and have provided cost effective solution with their result driven practical approach.

Oceania International Import & Export Limited, Director

Be Digital more than the extra mile to deliver solution to its customers their thought process to make it work for customer and exceed expectation is a differentiater.

Kea Global Limited, Business Manager

Thank you Be Digital the website you designed for us has been a point of differentiation compared to our competitors.

Finesse Creation Limited, Sales Director

Thank you Be Digital the security solution has ensured our business is secured from modern threats of being online.

Shree Laxmi Enterprises, Business Manager

Be Digital has provided us high end devices to our business and has ensured with their solution that the down time of these devices is minimal.

Arora Advertising, IT Manager

Be Digital has provided us Mobility solution and has provided us expertise consultation on making business cost effective and roadmap to digitalise technologies.

Destination New Zealand, Director

Be Digital has helped us and our customers by deploying tracking fleet solution which has inturn increased efficiency by 10%.

Outer City, Director
NZ-FIJI Trade Limited
Oceania International Import & Export Limited
Kea Global Limited
Finesse Creation Limited
Shree Laxmi Enterprises
Arora Advertising
Destination New Zealand
Outer City