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Be Connect Telecommunication

Everything you need to be connected anywhere everywhere.


High Performance & Efficiency

Reduce cost and management overhead by using a single access circuit and router for both voice and data.


Enable collaboration with today's unified communications and be ready for tomorrow’s innovations.


Single point of Contact for Digital service management means one company to call and one bill for all telephony services.


Delivered, managed and monitored 24/7 as we have partnered with leading VOIP experts in the country.

Perfect for all your business needs

Not only we help you get more from your Business Toll Free, Business Lines, Calling, and Mobile services but also assist you getting a business broadband and audio conferencing service at competitive price.

Be Connect Telecommunication Solution

Smart telecommunications, No matter how large or small your business might be.

Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Number allow your customers to dial you directly from anywhere in your country giving your business a national presence. Toll Free Number give the impression that you are a large, established company. Be Digital’s powerful call management features will transform your standard toll free number into the ultimate communication management tool! We have a specialised team who spend their lives thinking about ways to make your toll free service more effective and we offer the most comprehensive range of tools to do it.

How can toll free numbers work for your business?

  • Direct incoming calls to any landline or mobile of your choosing.
  • Use your existing numbers to dial out.
  • Consolidate all existing numbers into one virtual 0800 or 0508 number.
  • Add in a complete range of call management and routing options.

Be Connect, Toll Free
Be Connect, Cloud PBX
SIP Trunking / VOIP Solution

SIP Trunking is the future of business communications. Be Digital provides tier one carrier grade SIP Trunking unrivalled for quality in the world market. Reduce line rental and calling cost, retain call quality, keep your phone numbers; and future proof your communications when you replace ISDN with our Carrier Grade SIP Trunking.

SIP Trunking at a glance
SIP Trunking is a powerful, scalable and highly flexible solution hat enables businesses to streamline their communication costs and resources.

SIP Benefits

  • ROI Is Almost Instant – SIP Trunking almost immediately delivers reduced costs but does not require a significant capital expenditure.
  • Reduced Call Costs – SIP Trunking can dramatically reduce the costs to a business of making and taking calls as well as reducing communication costs by carrying voice and data on one access.
  • Quality – Our SIP Trunks are built to very high standards allowing our customers to enjoy the highest calling quality.
  • Scalability – SIP Trunking offers on-demand scalability. Setup for what you need today and expand as your business needs change.
  • Future Proof – SIP is the medium that will enable future more advanced communication capabilities that are being created now, it is literally futureproofing your business.

Internet Solution

Be Digital provides customers a premium range of unlimited internet plans that provides fast and reliable data access for your business.

From business grade DSL services and Ultra-Fast Broadband over fibre optic networks for all businesses.

We have an internet solution that is right for your business. We have a range of cost-effective broadband plans suited to your business needs.

Be Connect - Internet
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