Backup & Recovery

Keep your Data Safe & Never miss a file again.


Fully Managed & Monitored

Data backed up across multiple off-site data centres while our engineers monitor your backups 24/7.

Proven Reliability

We have partnered among the few ISO-certified online backup providers worldwide offering state-of-the-art server backup infrastructure.

Scalable Backup & Recovery

We provide backup & recovery solution that is scalable based on your data & recovery requirements.

Managed Services come Standard

We provide a Gartner Magic Quadrant backup solution, is fully managed and monitored, protecting your data in multiple data centres, 24/7.

We have Got Your Backup

Automated scheduled online backups, Off-site storage in multiple data centres, Recover lost files via desktop software or Web-based interface, Multiple retention periods let you recover lost data to a specific moment in the past, Files encrypted in transit and at rest.

Backup & Recovery Solution

Online Backup combines state-of-the-art technology with the best customer service in the business, assuring you of the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to back up your critical business data.

Online Data Backup: Secure, Simple, Affordable

Running a business is hard enough without having to focus on IT problems too. Our Online Backup makes managing IT simple, automatically backing up your business data at predetermined intervals and transmitting them securely offsite for long-term safekeeping, perpetual compliance, and instant retrieval. Our Online Backup gives you the confidence of knowing that your information is always there when you need it. And always there when you don’t.

  • Automated backup.
  • Redundant backup systems.
  • Fully managed and monitored.
  • Highest encryption standards.
  • Save money.
  • Peace of mind.

Be Digital | Secure
Be Digital | Secure
Automated Online Data Backup and Recovery

Our large-enterprise backup solution simplifies data backup, recovery, and archiving by automating the process of moving your data off-site and securing it within multiple data centers using the highest level of encryption standards available and as one of the few companies in the world with ISO 27001 certification, our Online Backup gives you the confidence of knowing your data is always secure and capable of being restored to your server with the click of a mouse.

  • Centralized online backups to multiple data centers.
  • Automated, scalable backup.
  • Data managed, monitored, and configured as per approved standards.
  • Highest level of encryption available.
  • Restore files from anywhere.
  • Efficient & Cost-effective.

The Next-Gen Business Continuity Disaster-Recovery Solution

We provide businesses with an all-in-one online backup and IT disaster-recovery solution designed to recover business servers and get enterprises up and running in just minutes. It is the next-gen solution for business continuity, backup, and recovery that will fully protect physical, virtual, and cloud resources. Along with seamless integration with Microsoft applications for complete disaster data protection, Our DR also includes global deduplication that makes backups extremely efficient while lowering storage costs.

  • Robust back-up and business-continuity solution.
  • Block-level snapshots with incremental-forever data capture.
  • Failover server rewind: rolling back to any point in time to recover the entire server.
  • Cost-effective, remote-office protection.
  • Flexible disaster-recovery options: bare-metal restore and failover virtual machines.
  • Integrated data deduplication.
  • Consistency checks on all applications to ensure recoverability.
  • Proactive intervention to avert/restore data loss.

Be Digital | Secure
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